Happy Spiritual Family

A Church You Can Always Rely On

Liberty Hill Baptist Church Established 146 years ago, Liberty Hill Baptist Church in Columbus, GA is composed of church workers and spiritual leaders dedicated to sharing the Word of the Lord. Remaining true to our commitment to help our community one life at a time, we offer a Sunday school program that shares not only God’s teachings but also some important lessons. We also invite you to participate in our Bible study sessions and discover God’s amazing miracles with us.


Tracing Our Roots

First called as the Bush Arbor Church, our congregation has been organized in 1869 through the combined efforts of the victims of slavery, with Reverend Phil Owens serving as the first pastor. In 1875, a permanent church was built, allowing the wooden structure to also function as the first school in the area. In 1956, the church that has been actively serving the community of Columbus, GA was renamed to Liberty Hill Baptist Church, Inc. Today, our church, led by Pastor James G. Davis, has been fulfilling our mission by offering various programs and worship services to share the blessings of the Lord.


Build a Stronger Faith

We believe that everyone is welcome to the kingdom of God. This is why we invite you to come with us as we build a stronger faith and offer the Lord our songs of praises. We want to share the joy of salvation with you so feel free to join our worship services. For more information, simply call Liberty Hill Baptist Church at 706-561-6778.