Strengthen Your Faith

A Church That Feels Like Home

Glorify the name of the Lord and celebrate everyday blessings in a Baptist church that welcomes you with open arms. Deepen your relationship with God through Liberty Hill Baptist Church in Columbus, GA. Together, let us strengthen our faith in the Lord through our Sunday worship services and Bible study sessions. With us, you can find a loving spiritual family you can lovingly call your own.

Let Us Pray Together

Find refuge in the midst of all the troubles you’re going through. When you find yourself in a difficult and crucial situation, always seek the guidance of our Lord. In the same way, let us all be thankful for the life God has given us. In all our life’s ups and downs, there is always a reason to pray and be thankful. We encourage you to pray with us and commit ourselves into living a good and meaningful Christian life.


Learn More About Us

With a mission to share the Good News and God’s teachings, Liberty Hill Baptist Church is committed to reaching out to all walks of life in the community, helping them achieve peace of mind through a strong faith in the Lord. Feel free to talk with our church ministries to learn more about our church and the services we offer. Simply visit us or give us a call.

Hours of Operation